Arthritis In Pets

The Treatment of Arthritis in Pets from Best Friends Veterinary Hospital

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we know that our families look at their pets as loved ones. Therefore, our pets deserve to have access to a professional veterinarian in Crossville. That is exactly what we provide. We stress the importance of an annual exam because we believe it is important to identify and treat issues before they impact a pet's quality of life.

At the same time, we also understand that some pets are going to have acute needs. One example is arthritis in pets. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, we have several treatment options for pet arthritis. We want to make sure that your furry friend is not in pain!


What Is Arthritis?

One of the most common chronic medical conditions that we see in pets is called arthritis. This is an inflammatory condition that develops throughout the body and damages the cartilage that usually exists between the bony surfaces of the pet's joints. Cartilage is supposed to act as a cushion for the bones, preventing the surfaces from rubbing against each other. When this happens, there is a tremendous amount of inflammation that can damage the bones themselves. This leads to joint pain and mobility problems that can adversely impact a pet's quality of life. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for arthritis.

How Does a Veterinarian Treat Arthritis in Pets?

If a pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, there are treatment options available. First, a vet will find ways to reduce inflammation throughout the body. This could be done using oral prescription medications that are designed to reduce inflammation. It is important to work closely with the vet to make sure this does not increase the risk of a pet developing a severe infection. 

In addition to oral medications, it is important to make sure the pet has access to physical therapy. The purpose of physical therapy in pets is manifold. First, the goal is to improve the flexibility and range of motion of any joints that might have been impacted. Next, physical therapy can increase the amount of muscle around the joints, providing added support. Finally, this therapy can help reduce inflammation that could still be present between the joints. Therefore, a comprehensive approach to arthritis is needed.

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At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, this is only one of the chronic medical problems that we can treat. Our goal is to ensure that every pet in the local area receives the care that he or she deserves. If you are looking for someone who can take care of your pet in Crossville, call the Best Friends Veterinary Hospital today! We would be honored to take care of your furry friend!

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