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  • Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations
    Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations Your pets are part of your family and you want to do what’s best for them. One way to ensure their health and protection is by Read more
  • Common Pet Problems
    Common Pet Problems At Best Friends Animal Hospital in Crossville, we see common pet problems every day. That is why our veterinarian specialty is offering a wide range of services to Read more
  • Signs your Pet has Allergies
    Signs Your Pet Has Allergies Just like their human caretakers, many pets suffer from allergic reactions. Whether allergies and itchy skin are caused by pollen, grass or the wrong food, pets Read more
  • What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kittens First Exam
    What to Expect from Your Puppy or Kitten’s First Exam Getting a new puppy or kitten is always exciting. But before you settle into life with your new furry friend, make sure Read more
  • Protect Your Dog or Cat From Heartworm Disease
    Protect Your Dog or Cat From Heartworm Disease As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to make sure that your furry friends are as healthy as possible. This means Read more
  • Signs of Arthritis in Pets
    Preventing, Recognizing, & Treating Arthritis in Pets IntroductionJust like humans, our furry loved ones can develop arthritis as they age. Being one of the most common ailments for middle-aged to senior Read more
  • Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets
    Dental Hygiene  Taking time to care for your dog or cat's pet dental needs is an important action that can help your pet to stay healthy. Contact Best Friends Veterinary Hospital Read more
  • Happy Healthy Dog Tips
    Happy and Healthy Dog Tips From Best Friends Veterinary Hospital As a pet owner, one of our goals should be to make sure our dog or puppy is healthy and happy. Read more
  • Signs Your Pet Has Allergies
    Pet Allergies Did you know your pet can have allergies? Just like us, our furry companions can suffer from different type of allergies just as we do. Diagnosing pet’s allergies can Read more
  • Talking to Your Veterinarian about Pet Surgery
    Pet Surgery As a caring pet owner, it can be scary when you're dealing with pet surgery. At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville, we understand that pet surgery can be Read more

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