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Protect Your Dog or Cat From Heartworm Disease

Protect Your Dog or Cat From Heartworm Disease

As a responsible pet owner, it is your job to make sure that your furry friends are as healthy as possible. This means feeding your pets with nutritious food, making sure that they get all their vaccinations, taking them for a yearly wellness exam, providing flea and tick prevention, and protecting them from heartworm disease, which is when parasitic worms affect the vital organs of an animal due to an infected mosquito’s bite. Heartworm prevention for both cats and dogs is one of the best things you can do for your pets, and a visit to Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville is a great start.

Preventing Heartworms

Heartworm prevention starts with taking your pets to the vet for a blood test. A blood test can help determine if your animals have been infected with heartworms. If your pets do not have heartworms, several preventions can be taken. Both cats and dogs can be given a monthly chewable or non-chewable medication, a topical medicine, or twice-yearly shots to prevent heartworms. Talk with our veterinarian about which option is best for your pets.

You can also help prevent heartworms from affecting your animals at home. Since an infected mosquito’s bite can transfer heartworms to animals, it is best to eliminate or reduce the breeding grounds of mosquitos. Get rid of standing water, cover pools when not in use, limit your pet’s outdoor playtime during dawn and dusk, and use mosquitos traps to help protect your animals.

Contact Us For More Information

At Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville, we treat your pets just like members of the family. We are dedicated to keeping your pets happy and healthy for the long-term. Call us at 931-459-2006 to set up an appointment. We can examine your pets and provide them with heartworm medication.

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