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Pet Allergy Treatment From Our Veterinarian

Here at Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, located in Crossville, TN., we are here to help you and your pet with all your pets’ healthcare needs. One of the areas that we can help with is pet allergies. Pet allergies are not a topic that many pet owners are familiar with, however, they should be. Here are some of the questions that you may have about pet allergies and the answers to these questions. 


Can Pets Have Allergies? 

One of the questions that we are often asked is whether pets can have allergies, to begin with, and what types of allergies pets can have. Dogs and cats can have allergies just like humans have. They may be allergic to foods that they are eating, they can be allergic to different types of grasses and plants, they can be allergic to insect bites, and they can have allergies to the various types of pollens that can be floating through the air during the spring and summer months. 

What Are the Signs Of Pet Allergies? 

The signs of pet allergies will vary in a pet and will vary based on what they are allergic too. A pet who is suffering from a food allergy may experience an itchy sensation or a rash on their body. A pet who is allergic to an insect bite may have swelling around the bite and extreme itchiness. Pets that are allergic to grasses and plants may get a rash or itchy skin after rolling in grass or playing around that plant. Finally, a pet that is allergic to pollens and dander floating in the air may experience many of the same symptoms as humans, including sneezing, wheezing, coughing, runny nose, red eyes, watery eyes, and itchy skin. 

How Are Pet Allergies Treated? 

If you suspect your pet has allergies, you will want to take them to be treated by a veterinarian. Our vet office will work to try to determine what is causing the allergy in your pet and come up with a treatment plan. If your pet is allergic to insect bites, keeping those insects away from your pet is important. If a food allergy may be present, we can help you come up with a new diet for your pet. If your pet is allergic to outside elements, such as pollen, there are allergy pills or allergy shots that can be given to your pet to help reduce the symptoms they are experiencing. 

Need Help With Pet Allergies? Book at Appointment With Us Now!

Just like humans, pets can get allergies too. Whether your pet has allergies to food or to dander blowing outside in the wind, we can help you to diagnose the issue, determine what may be causing the allergy, and help your pet to get the relief they deserve. Schedule an appointment with Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, your local veterinarian in Crossville, TN. to begin the process of diagnosing and treating pet allergies in your pet. 

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