Pet Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care

Pet Urgent Care

A big part of taking care of a pet is providing it with proper treatment when an emergency arises. If your dog or cat is suffering from physical trauma or sickness, contact Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville for prompt veterinary care. Our animal hospital provides a variety of pet services including surgical procedures and preventative care. Here are some points to keep in mind when dealing with an emergency situation.

Know the Signs of a Problem

Since cats and dogs cannot speak to us to tell us when they are suffering from an injury or sickness, we need to be attentive to their behavior so that we can provide them with treatment when necessary. Be aware of any changes to your pet's routine habits as this can be an indication that they are suffering from a medical problem. A pet that no longer eats, drinks, or eliminates will need to be assessed by our veterinarian to determine whether a health condition is causing them distress. A pet that is lethargic or unresponsive requires immediate treatment. This is also necessary for a pet that is bleeding or that has a broken bone.

Contact Our Practice for Guidance

If at any time you fear your pet is suffering from an injury or sickness that will not heal or subside on its own, contact our practice to get recommendations from our veterinarian regarding treatment options. Our vet will ask you questions about your pet's symptoms and will make a quick decision regarding the right way to treat your pet. If they believe your pet needs immediate care, they will have you come to our facility right away for an assessment. If you need to perform any actions on the way or before heading to our practice, our vet will guide you through them via the telephone call.

Provide Your Pet with a Comfortable Area

When you bring your pet to our animal hospital for an evaluation, their comfort is sure to be a concern. Place a soft blanket in your vehicle or inside of a pet carrier to keep your pet stable during the ride to our establishment. This will also provide comfort for your pet and will aid in keeping it from sustaining further injuries while in transit. If possible, bring along a friend or family member to sit with your cat or dog during the ride to our practice. They will be able to tend to the pet as needed.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

You can contact Best Friends Veterinary Hospital in Crossville to acquire pet services for cats and dogs. Call our practice at (931) 459-2006 if your pet is suffering from any type of health trauma or if emergency treatment is needed. 

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